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Course Duration

2 Years

Credit Hours

70 Hrs.

Entry Requirement

Undergraduate Completed


Fall / Spring




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The MBA course offered by Lincoln University focuses on graduates who have developed the self-reflective mindset, the analytic mindset, the collaborative mindset, the worldly mindset and the action mindset. The MBA course is designed for mid career professionals whose careers and management responsibilities transcend a single functional specialty and require a broad array of specialized knowledge and skills. The emphasis of this interdisciplinary, integrated, and applied program is on significant organizational and management processes that take place in the context of large public or private institutions doing business on a global scale.

Course Details

Texas MBA is 2 years degree with specialization. Texas MBA is a regular and full time 3 hours, 4 semesters, 70 credit hours program.

Semester 1 / Year 1

S.N Course Name Course Code Status Credit Hours
1 Business Accounting & Finance ACC 501 Core 4 Hrs.
2 Business Economics ECO 501 Core 4 Hrs.
3 Human Resource Management HRM 501 Core 4 Hrs.
4 Managerial Communications MGT 513 Core 4 Hrs.
5 Business Environment Analysis MGT 516 Core 2 Hrs.
Total 18 Hrs.

Semester 2 / Year 1

S.N Course Name Course Code Status Credit Hours
1 Business Research Methodology MGT 514 Core 4 Hrs.
2 Operation Management MGT 508 Core 4 Hrs.
3 Marketing Management MKT 501 Core 4 Hrs.
4 Organizational Behaviour ORG 501 Core 4 Hrs.
5 Consumer Behaviour CBH 501 Minor 2 Hrs.
Total 18 Hrs.

Semester 3 / Year 2

S.N Course Name Course Code Status Credit Hours
1 Internship Project (Industry based) MGT 511 Core 4 Hrs.
2 Strategic Management MGT 510 Core 4 Hrs.
3 Retail Management MGT 523 Minor 2 Hrs.
4 Financial Management MGT 518 Elective 4 Hrs.
5 Entrepreneurship Management MGT 504 Elective 4 Hrs.
6 Sales & Promotions Management MGT 519 Elective 4 Hrs.
7 International Business MGT 505 Elective 4 Hrs.
Total 18 Hrs.

Semester 4 / Year 2

S.N Course Name Course Code Status Credit Hours
1 Business Ethics MGT 503 Core 4 Hrs.
2 Management of Data MGT 512 Core 4 Hrs.
3 Graduate Research Project MGT 524 Core 4 Hrs.
4 Banking & Insurance MGT 520 Elective 4 Hrs.
5 Customer Relationship Management MGT 521 Elective 4 Hrs.
6 Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills MGT 522 Elective 4 Hrs.
Total 16 Hrs.

Entry Requirement

  • A graduate degree under 10+2+3 or 10+2+4 pattern under any discipline, securing at least 50% marks in aggregate, from a recognized university.

Career Outcomes

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Texas College of Management & IT provided me the best environment for pursuing my career. I have no regrets joining Texas because it enhanced my capabilities in even much better way than I imagined. I am very happy to be a part of this beautiful place.

Subarna Karkii

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Subarna Karkii
Full Scholarship MBBS, Patan Hospitall
Dhundi Raj Dhungana

Education at Texas is outstanding with quality. Thanks to the college that led me to open the door in international university.

Dhundi Raj Dhungana
(CSIT Batch 2070)

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