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Course Duration

3 Years | 6 Semesters

Credit Hours

129 Hrs.

Entry Requirement

+2 Passed or Equivalent


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This course aims to provide the fundamentals information technology, methodological and implementation issues of IT-related subjects. This course is both highly technical and people-orientated. The course focuses on scientific and technical areas related to software, network, web, database and internet services, along with areas such as management, communications and human behavior. The student through this course will gain in-depth knowledge and be prepared for jobs in the information technology profession. In addition, graduates will display effective communication skills, independence and creativity, critical judgment and ethical and social understanding.

Course Details

Texas BIT is 3 years degree with specialization. Texas BIT is a regular and full time 6 hours, 6 semesters, 129 credit hours program structured to give knowledge with depth and accuracy of the impact of information technology within an organization, with society at large, and a detailed appreciation of the impact of information technology on the global scale.

Semester 1 | Year 1

S.N Course Name Course Code Status Credit Hours
1 Business English Major 3 Hrs.
2 Math Major 4 Hrs.
3 Computer Network (CCNA 1,2) Major 4 Hrs.
4 C-Programming Major 4 Hrs.
5 Internet Fundamental & Applications Major 4 Hrs.
6 Basic Computer Architecture Major 4 Hrs.
Total 23 Hrs.

Semester 2 | Year 1

S.N Course Name Course Code Status Credit Hours
1 Discrete Mathematics Major 4 Hrs.
2 Java Programming Major 4 Hrs.
3 Advance Computer Network (CCNA 13) Major 4 Hrs.
4 Digital Logics Major 4 Hrs.
5 E – Commerce Major 4 Hrs.
6 Data Structure and Algorithm Major 4 Hrs.
Total 24 Hrs.

Semester 3 | Year 2

S.N Course Name Course Code Status Credit Hours
1 Database Management System Major 4 Hrs.
2 Cyber Security Law & Policy Major 4 Hrs.
3 Web Technology - Python Major 4 Hrs.
4 System Analysis and Design Major 4 Hrs.
5 Operating System Major 3 Hrs.
6 Leadership and Human Relations Major 3 Hrs.
Total 21 Hrs.

Semester 4 | Year 2

S.N Course Name Course Code Status Credit Hours
1 Mobile Computing Major 4 Hrs.
2 Software Engineering Major 4 Hrs.
3 Real Time System Major 4 Hrs.
4 Multimedia System Major 4 Hrs.
5 RDBMS with SQL Major 4 Hrs.
Total 20 Hrs.

Semester 5 | Year 3

S.N Course Name Course Code Status Credit Hours
1 Software Project Management Major 4 Hrs.
2 Social & Professional Issues in Computing Major 3 Hrs.
3 Artificial Intelligence Major 4 Hrs.
4 Compiler & Design Constructions Major 4 Hrs.
5 Project Work Major 3 Hrs.
6 Business Research Methods Major 3 Hrs.
Total 23 Hrs.

Semester 6 | Year 3

S.N Course Name Course Code Status Credit Hours
1 Cloud Computing Major 4 Hrs.
2 Emerging Programming Platforms &Technologies Major 4 Hrs.
3 WML & WAP Programming - Using VFX Major 4 Hrs.
4 Industrial Training Major 6 Hrs.
Total 18 Hrs.

Entry Requirement

  • +2 graduated or equivalent in any discipline with minimum  50% marks in aggregate from a recognized board.

Career Outcomes

  • Software engineers
  • System analysts
  • System integrators
  • Information security analysts
  • Network administrators
  • Technical support managers
  • Database managers
  • Custom PC application developers
  • Information Technology Consultants
  • Computer forensic analysts
  • Software Quality Assurance(QA) tester

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Texas College of Management & IT provided me the best environment for pursuing my career. I have no regrets joining Texas because it enhanced my capabilities in even much better way than I imagined. I am very happy to be a part of this beautiful place.

Subarna Karkii

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Subarna Karkii
Full Scholarship MBBS, Patan Hospitall
Dhundi Raj Dhungana

Education at Texas is outstanding with quality. Thanks to the college that led me to open the door in international university.

Dhundi Raj Dhungana
(CSIT Batch 2070)

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