MBA at Texas

Texas MBA acknowledges the broaden dimension and content of the different academic fields of Business Administration and suits for working professionals is a regular and full time 3 hours, 4 semesters, 70 credit hours program. It is equally competitive with the existent full-time courses within the domestic curricula which garnish the graduates in academic research, verbal argument and hone professional writing to become globally competitive at executive level or, to become a charismatic entrepreneur/ intrapreneur.


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) course offered by Lincoln University focuses on the development of the self-reflective mindset, the analytic mindset, the collaborative mindset, the worldly mindset and the action mindset of the graduates. The MBA course is designed for mid-career professionals, whose careers and management responsibilities transcend a single functional specialty and require a broad array of specialized knowledge and skills. The emphasis of this interdisciplinary, integrated and applied program is on the significant organizational as well as management processes of the public or private institutions doing business on a global scale.


The aim of the program is to prepare the students for senior management, executive-level positions and entrepreneurs as it helps them to acquire managerial competencies including critical thinking skills, systems thinking skills, team building skills, decision-making skills and ethical leadership skills, required for managing the affairs of a business enterprise. An MBA degree would prove to be beneficial for those, who work in senior managerial and executive positions in business organizations. An MBA program offers a range of benefits for the successful applicants, including:

Business Knowledge:
The MBA program educates the students about business and all its related aspects. Students also gain an understanding of the business strategies, business concepts and business skills.

Leadership Abilities:
An MBA program includes rigorous training sessions, assignments, presentations, group projects and discussions. Students thus acquire the essential skills, which will help them to administer the business affairs, in the professional field. Networking: The alliances that the students form with fellow students and the network that the students build up, is deemed as one of the most important and valuable aspects of an MBA program.

MBA at Texas

  • Expanded Leadership Development and Engaging Experiential Learning
  • Networking Opportunities and Employer Information Sessions
  • Mentorship
  • Case Competitions
  • Career Fairs
  • Career Advancement Assistance
  • Embracing a Global Approach
  • Unique and Customizable Concentrations