Texas BBA helps to build key theoretical concepts and significant current issues within Business Administration and prepare graduates for progressive career from middle and senior level managerial posts in both the private and public sectors. Texas BBA is a regular and full time 5 hours, 8 semesters, 129 credit hours program structured to garnish middle level managers Or, an entrepreneur.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme was developed to reflect that the world of education is becoming increasingly global.  The BBA program is designed for those desirous of pursuing a challenging career in business and innovation management. The students shall be trained in numerous disciplines, viz., marketing, accounting, entrepreneurship, business law, psychology and other indispensable skills considered essential to become a competent manager. It combines strong functional training with intensive exposure to communication skills, computer applications, plus other social sciences and applied sciences.

Specifically the program aims to:

• Equip students with well-developed analytical, conceptual, quantitative, and human skills.
• Nurture positive attitude and self-confidence, ability to lead and work in teams and take responsibility and understanding of business ethics.
• Nurture and develop professional communication skills in students.
• Provide an opportunity to develop specific knowledge and skills in accordance with one’s interest and talent.