Elaine is a medical doctor with deep compassion and extensive experience in palliative care. She is an energetic and ambitious entrepreneur, co-founding and holding directorships in successful business entities and social enterprises. She is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Trehaus, an innovative space that brings office, preschool and family club under one roof to allow families to work, learn and play together. Trehaus School is a Silicon Valley-inspired preschool and childcare that is changing early education, focuses on building character and future skills, and lets parents be present for their children’s learning journey. Her entrepreneurship experiences have led her to become a co-founder and CEO of the social enterprise CRIB, which empowers women to become successful entrepreneurs. She is deeply involved in the non-profit sector through volunteering time and skills, leading and executing successful awareness-building campaigns, and raising over $1 million for multiple philanthropic causes, as well as implementing positive social change through CRIB’s charitable arm CRIB Gives Back. Dr. Elaine is a visionary leader and creative thinker with notable achievements in business development and strategy.

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